PHPBibMan is a webbased literature database for scientific purposes. It aims to be fully compatible with BibTex and offer comfortable exchange of references for scientists.

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PHPBibMan depends on a web server that runs PHP, and a database to store the references. PHPBibMan does NOT depend a a special database, but has only been tested with MySQL.
All a client (i.e. users) needs is a common web browser.


Contact & Feedback

Mail to Daniel Pozzi (my Mac can handle your spam). You can use the SourceForge bugtracking, forums... as well, but I won't be there too often.

Developer Info

I always need help and feedback :) A mailinglist is available.

PHPBibMan is built on the same framework as "the Nuke Game Engine", which means it could have all it features and later run as CMS module.


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PHPBibMan completely in CVS - Coder needed

From now on the whole code, including the framework, is available in CVS. My time to maintain and improve this project gets shorter, so I could really need someone who thinks it's worth spending some time on it.

PHPBibMan Nov. 12th Intermediate Release

The latest changes from CVS have been made public in an intermediate release today. They include several important fixes, improved installation (also bugfixed) and a new feature to recommend references to other users.

PHPBibMan knows BibTex

With the release of PHPBibMan 0.4 beta 2 import of .bib files from BibTex is introduced. It's has not been tested very much, but the underlying functions come from Bibliophile's parseBibtex library and should be very reliable.

Bibliophile - the web literature database initiative

Bibliophile has opened its door to the public: It is an initiative of the authors of RefBase and WIKINDX and me to align our efforts and to provide a valueable discussion platform for users and developers.

Go visit the Bibliophile homepage!

Who uses PHPBiBMan?

Have a look at the referers. Lots of sex sites :)

Anyway, I'd like to post some in-use examples of PHPBiBMan here. Please mail in the web adress of your site.

Further I'd like to see more PHPBibMan alternatives. If you know any collaborative literature databases (or the like), please let me know.

Mailinglist for development discussion

Due to a lot a feedback and feature requests I received the last weeks, a mailinglist has been opened for such purposes. I invite all interested users to contribute their ideas etc.

The list is available at SourceForge. To contribute, just write to

Roadmap for the future:

0.3 stable security, fix bugs

0.4 BibTeX import, section filter

0.5 Store queries in cart, GUI optimisation

0.6 "CartMan": multiple carts, public carts

0.7 ???